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Reverse Engineering & Prototyping Services

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Reverse Engineering & Prototyping Services

Bose Design Services specializes in offering stellar reverse engineering and prototyping solutions at economical rates. As one of the first-rate reverse engineering companies in India, we make use of the very latest prototyping technologies, such as stereolithography and FDM. These are two of the most widely used technologies in the industry. We also utilize selective laser sintering manufacturing technique to expand our range of services.

Our reverse engineering process in Mumbai involves measuring an object and reconstructing it as a 3D model. We measure the physical product by making use of 3D scanning technologies, such as laser scanners, CMMs, industrial CT scanning and structured light digitizers. Our broad range of reverse engineering CAD services in Pune offers complete life-cycle support for both offshore and onsite projects. We tailor every project as per the requirements of our clients because we believe that each project is unique.

Our 3D reverse engineering solutions cover the following:

  • Develop and build prototypes in digital format, and thereby, decrease the cost of product development
  • Acquire an in-depth insight about the products of your competitors with 3D CAD modeling
  • Optimize the quality of the product by obtaining insights through 3D scan to CAD conversion
  • To match shop-floor changes, we update CAD models
  • Redesign a part of your product without manufacturing flaws through virtual inspection and simulation in ANSYS mechanical

If you are looking for prototyping and reverse engineering companies in India, Bose Design Services is definitely worth considering. Get in touch with us and our professionals will be happy to assist you.