Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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Bose Design Service’ expertise and in-depth knowledge about engineering analysis is further showcased, via our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services in India that we offer. FEA is an essential part of any product examination or product design phase and through this analysis, we are able to ensure our approach to design, quality materials being used and also simulate the product that is in use.

To conduct FEA on your products or designs, we utilize analysis software, 3D models and theoretical deductions. Thanks to our impeccably high technical capability, we are able to expose your product to numerous virtual operating conditions in order to observe how it behaves in stressed, regressive and normal scenarios. With our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions in Mumbai, you will be able to be confident of the robustness of your product design and the potential failure modes within your product.

Our FEA specialists assess the following:
• Strain, stress and deformations
• Structural fatigue analysis
• Pressure test and fluid flow
• Thermal stresses
• Shock and drop testing
• Motion studies
• Automotive crash analysis

At Bose Design Services, we firmly believe in meeting the expectations of our clients and thoroughly satisfying them with our services. Our FEA services in Pune are charged with precise calculations, accurate models and resourceful evaluation modes. Compared to other companies in the same field, we not only offer a deep analysis, but also robust and scalable solutions based on the assessments that will last throughout the lifecycle of a product.