Bespoke DIE and Plastic Moulding Design Services in Mumbai

DIE & Plastic Molding Design Services

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DIE & Plastic Molding Design Services

KKR BOSE DESIGN Services offers professional DIE design and engineering services to help businesses in all their custom DIE requirements. We are one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in India and strive hard to provide premium quality solutions at competitive market rates. Our dynamic team of certified experts is proficient in all kinds of tooling solutions, such as line, transfer, blank and progressive DIEs for diverse industries. Our engineers design brand new DIE cast parts by keeping in mind the performance and ensures that the limitations are decreased as much as possible.

Molding Design are Our Core Area of Expertise

We are specialists in injection moulding process in Mumbai. As per the intricacy of the components, our team of professionals decides on the layout process and automation of mould to ensure its quick and easy extraction. Thanks to our talented team of tool design experts, we have in-depth expertise in designing mould and DIE design from diverse industry segments that range from switchgear products and automotive parts to consumer plastic products and more.

We Offer a Comprehensive Range of DIE Design and Mould Services

Our plastic mould design solutions in Pune are specifically based upon the individualized requirements of our clients. The services that we offer include a selection of moulded bases and standard parts, parametric 3D mould design, part ejection and cooling automation method, plastic mould flow analysis and 2D analysis. In order to protect our clients from unpredictable expenses, we provide cost estimation.

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