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1. Hi-tech Robotics System Ltd:
Summary: Thermal Analysis of Electrical Controlling Unit (ECU) and Design Optimization.
In Electrical Controlling Unit, LED & CPU are the Main heat Source. Normally They Used Thermal Pad for Heat Absorption and Connect it to the Top Surface of the Body for heat Dissipation by Using Fin.
Difficulties: If the CPU Temperature Goes Above 70° it will Trip or Reset. Thermal Pad Can’t Able to Absorb the Entire Heat, as well as Not Dissipated the Heat properly.
Solve: We Checked the Heat Generation of CPU & LED in Static and Transient Mode, We Also Checked Heat Consumption and Dissipation of Thermal Pad. According to the Study We Used Thermal Paste and Changed the Properties of Thermal Pd and Did the Entire Analysis Again, and Successfully Solved the Issue.

2. Pidilite Industries LTD:
Summary: Pidilite Is A Big Name in The Market of Plastic Container Manufacturing in Different Unique Shapes and Capacities.
Difficulties: For The New Product They Need to Do Different Types of Analysis Which Helps Them to Produce Good Quality of Output. In Their R&D Department They Regular Need to Test New Products in Different Parameters and Aspects for Approve Their Own Quality Standards.
Solve: KKR Bose Design Support Them for Different Types of CAE Analysis Like—Drop Test , Stag Test , Shock Test , Vibration Analysis Etc. According to The Result KKR Suggest Them for Design Modifications and Development of Plastic Containers.

3. Godrej Consumer Products:
Summary: Godrej Consumer Products’ R&D Team Research and Develop Different Consumer Products Regularly. They Have Different Types of Air Purifier in The Market , Which are Marked as Good Quality Products.
Difficulties: During The Design of A New Air Purifier , R&D Team Need to Qualify 3 Analysis of Their Product to Meet Their Internal Quality Standard.
 In the 100% Fill Position of Aroma Gel , 70% of Inlet Air Must Need to Absorb the Aroma.
 In The 10% Fill Position of Aroma Gel , 60% of Inlet Air Must Need to Absorb The Aroma.
 Product Consumption Need to be For Minimum 30 days.
Solve: KKR Bose Design Support Their R&D Team to Test Their New Product as per Above 3 Points by Using CFD Analysis Method , We Found :-
 In The 100% Fill Position of Aroma Gel , Only 30% of Inlet Air Was Being Consumed.
 In The 10% Fill Position of Aroma Gel , Only 15% of Inlet Air Was Being Consumed.
 The Entire Aroma Gel of The Product Consumed Within 16 Days.
According to The Above Study We Optimized The Design as per All Three Aspects. Then We Run The CFD Analysis Again for Above Three Conditions , And Successfully Completed The Project with Quality Approval of The Product.

4. A .G . Design Engineering Consultancy :
Summary: A.G.Design is a Design Farm Based in Mumbai. They Provide Different Types of Design Support in Industries Like—Structural Design , Product Design , Component Design , Enclosure Design , FEA & CFD Analysis , Vibration Analysis , Multibody Dynamics , Automation System Etc.
Difficulties: Due to Overloaded Work , They Need A Strong Committed , Qualified , Technical Team To Support Them.
Solve: Based on Previous Experience , Technical Team , & Infrastructure , KKR Bose Design Meet The Qualification Level & Support Them Single Handedly for Structural Design , CFD & FE Analysis , Product Design and Others.
KKR is Really Happy to Work With This Kind of Design Firms Which Also Help KKR to Get More Exposure , Experience , and Confidence on Their Work and Capability.

5. Land And Marine Pvt. Ltd:
Summary: They Normally Work with Port Cranes Maintenance, Erection, Commissioning, Structural Audit Etc.
Solve: KKR Bose Design Support Land & Marine Mostly for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Finite Element Method (FEM) for Different Types of Port Cranes like—RTG , RMQC , Reach Staker Etc. Which Helps to Determine The Life Cycle of The Crane.

KKR Bose Design Also Support Land & Marine for Structural Audit, NDT Services, Drafting Services, Documentation & Manpower Support for Various Projects.

KKR Support Land & Marine in Different Projects at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) , Naval Ship Repairing Yard – Karwar (NSRY) , Kandla Port Trust , Container Corporation of India Limited – Tughalakabad (CONCOR).