Computer Aided Engineering Analysis (CAE) Services in Mumbai and Pune, India

Computer Aided Engineering Analysis (CAE) Services

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KKR Bose Design Services offers computer aided engineering analysis (CAE) services in India at competitive market rates. Our CAE services mainly comprise of analysis and assessment of the performance and robustness of different types of engineering assemblies, components and structures. Our team of professionals render validation, simulation and optimization of engineering products and tools. Through our Computer Aided Engineering Analysis services, we greatly assist design teams in decision making. We have experiences in analyzing both simple and complicated structures.

Our CAE solutions in Mumbai are mainly aimed at making use of the following fields:

    • Finite element analysis (FEA): Our experience in engineering analysis is demonstrated through our FEA services. Our FEA solutions validates the materials used, design approach and ultimate stimulates the product in use. We utilize analysis software, 3D models and theoretical deductions to conduct finite element analysis on your products or designs.


    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and thermals: Our highly-qualified team of engineers carries out CFD service for our esteemed customers who want to study the effects of fluid flows, as well as, their reactions under different operating situations. We make use of computer modeling and simulation to enhance our customers’ understanding of the products they have designed and produced. Our CFD solutions offer customers with deep insight into the design of the system, ability to apply varied pressures, temperatures and such other operating conditions. We provide our customers with solutions to resolve problems faced due to flow analysis.


  • Multi body dynamics (MBD): MBD analyzes motion and how different parts of a product interact with each other. Through our MBD services, we will help you understand the complexities caused due to the interaction of multiple components.


For all your design analysis requirements, get in touch with KKR Bose Design Services.