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NDT Services

KKR Bose Design Services works with a team of professionals certified in the field of NDT Services and inspection with access to state-of-the-art equipment. We are proficient in offering non-destructive testing, inspections and testing throughout India, especially in Mumbai and Pune. With the dedicated support of a strong team of professionals, we guarantee to deliver accurate examination results to our clients.

As an innovative, modern and progressive company, we strive to provide our customers premium quality services that exceed expectations. Our NDT services include the use of top-notch test methods for examining a material, an object or system without impairing the future usefulness. We use NDT to test the material integrity of a test object. The types of testing that we perform are given below:

    • Magnetic particle testing (MPT): In order to detect slightly subsurface and surface faults in ferromagnetic materials, we use MPT. This testing is performed routinely by us to inspect piping, welding, structural steel components and pressure vessels. Our inspection techniques ranges from portable AC or DC yokes and permanent magnet yokes to color contract or fluorescent techniques and so on.


    • Radiography testing: Our professionals make use of electromagnetic energy from gamma or X-rays to identify internal and surface discontinuities. We inspect pressure vessels, process piping and valves by using radiography shadow shots.


    • Liquid penetrant testing (PT): We detect forging, casting and welding surface flaws like, leaks in new products or hairline cracks using PT. This is a non-destructive testing method that is utilized to discover the surface break discontinuities in ceramics, plastics or metals.


    • Visual Testing: The observation of external features of a product without the help of any inspection equipment is called visual testing. Our team of professionals have years of hands-on experience and expertise to detect defects by just looking at pressure vessels and API tanks.


    • Ultrasonic testing: This inspection is capable of discover both sub-surface and surface faults in welds and components. We also use it to measure the thickness of materials. From manual ultrasonic examination to auto ultrasonic examination and corrosion mapping, we offer a wide range of UT solutions.


    • Eddy Current testing: Our Eddy Current service is one of the most affordably priced and effective technique to examine metals for thickness loss, surface loss and other such discontinuities. Through this technique, our professionals can find very minute cracks near or in the surface of a material.


    • Positive material identification (PMI): We use PMI to assess metallic alloy in order to establish its composition. Through this method, we determine the material grades and verify that the materials are used as per the requirements of the customer.


    • Leak testing: By performing thorough leak testing, we make sure that the components are tight. We use Pressure decay, Tracer gas inspection and Flow inspection to find out the value of the leak. Our services include halogen leak detectors, air bubble inspection and more.


    • Hardness testing: To help establish the resistance of a material to indentation, we conduct hardness testing. The dimensions and depth of indentation is recorded by our professionals.


    • Ferrite testing: This is a NDT method that offers important data for duplex materials and austenitic stainless steel. This helps to determine the material’s susceptibility of corrosion, the mechanical properties and service reliability of the material.


If you need any more information regarding our non-destructive testing services, do not hesitate to call us. Our professional, yet friendly personnel will assist you at every step of the way.