KKR Bose Design Services are the Premier Providers of Load Testing Services in Mumbai and Pune, India


Load Testing Services


At KKR Bose Design Services, we offer an extensive range of load testing services in Mumbai, India that are carried out in a timely and accurate manner. Our team of technicians is specifically trained in different load testing techniques and can follow specific customer procedures or follow their own. One of the most popular load testing methods offered by us are crane, lifting and hoisting equipment inspection. We make sure that the services offered by us meet stringent standards of reliability and safety of your equipment. Our technicians also ensure that our equipment is compliant to the statutory standards.

As a leading company in testing and analysis, we are accredited to perform various conformity analysis, along with voluntary and statutory inspections on hoisting, crane and lifting equipment in Pune, India. Moreover, we can also offer training for cranes operators in accordance with the international, as well as, local standards.

Our services include the following:

  • Static and dynamic load testing
  • Checking of clutches, brakes, wire rope assemblies and sheaves
  • NDT of load hooks for cracks and visual inspections for distortions
  • Examination and re-examination of all safety devices
  • Supervision of repairs
  • Assessments of regulatory compliance

Get in touch with the experts at KKR Bose Design Services to find out how our lifting, hoisting and crane equipment inspection can guarantee reliability, safety and adherence to statutory standards. Also, we will be glad to walk you through our load testing process and provide you with a free estimate.