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Sheet Metal Design Services

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Sheet Metal Design Services

KKR BOSE DESIGN Services offers high-quality sheet metal design services in India to contractors, fabricators and engineering design firms in order to help them reduce their material scrap, minimize the schedules for product development and delivery top-notch products. We have extensive experience and expertise working with varied CAD platforms to help material handlers, sheet metal and HVAC contractors, OEMs and more. Our CAD drafting in India specialists, along with qualified design engineers deliver 2D CAD drafts, as well as, multi component fabrication and assembly drawings for sheet metal components with the use of SolidWorks.

We Design, Develop and Evaluate Using Cutting-edge Tools

Our team of professionals makes use of SolidWorks to develop 3D sheet metal models and 2D drawings. They also analyze and assess the performance of the product virtually, via industry-leading tools. Our AutoCAD drafting services in Mumbai are offered to craft designs for a range of sheet metal products, such as windows, furniture products, kiosks, doors, automotive components, machine tools, industrial equipment and more.

KKR BOSE DESIGN Services’ sheet metal design abilities include:

  • CAD drafting services in India and detailed support for both 2D and 3D solid sheet metal parts, along with assemblies
  • Imported CAD models or converting SolidWorks to sheet metal parts
  • The development of features like, lances, ribs, extruded flangers and so on
  • An estimate of expenses based on the number of operations and materials

To know our complete list of cad drafting services in Pune, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.