How High Performance Computing (HPC) Helps 3D Rendering?

How High Performance Computing (HPC) Helps 3D Rendering

Technology has been constantly paving the way for innovation in different spheres of businesses. As a result, animation companies are finding new ways to extend the brand value of their media with creativity and technological advancement. However, the creative product needs to be made available in the market at the right time in order to get higher returns on investment. Every 3D project is a highly creative effort that requires being finished within a strict deadline. The process of giving a 3D effect to moving images is actually a compute intensive phase. It turns out to be a great data-crunching effort to bring out the final output. But now a high computing infrastructure is available in the market which helps to minimize the time taken to bring the video to the market.

What is rendering?

Rendering is a procedure through which an image is generated from a model. This is done with help of a software program. The model is a combination of 3D objects that are noted in a fixed language or a set of data structures.

What are the challenges?

  1. At the time of rendering, the engine computes or collects certain details like resolution settings, ray tracing settings, light and texture with the help of scene descriptions.
  2. The process of rendering takes 98-100% of the resources that are embedded in computer nodes such as memory and CPU.
  3. It is the number and sometimes complexities of components in the scene that determines how much time rendering process will take.

How does HPC help in rendering?

  1. When a company uses local machine rendering, it loses of productivity of the staff. But with the use of high performance computing system artists can make creative 3D pictures.
  2. Those rendering softwares that run on common network distribution make huge IO and network congestions. This is also the reason why many companies are going for HPC so that they can avoid network jams and release their videos within the deadline.
  3. The more the render scenes are, the more computer power is required. This could be a great trouble for fast downloading videos. But not anymore! With HPC technology the solution is at your hand.
  4. Those render farms that utilize HPC can scale the setup vertically and horizontally.
  5. At last, HPC system ensures high efficiency, performance and stability in any motion picture frame production.

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