COVID-19 Lockdown Can Never Fasten An Architect's Artistry

COVID-19 Lockdown Can Never Fasten An Architect’s Artistry

Alas!! The present pandemic has made lives challenging but has provided us with ample time and energy to be productive.

What could be better for the man like builders / architects to sew the dream projects on their dream land in this Covid-19 lockdown. “Building” may sounds like skyscrapers, high rise, superstructure, tower, cottage, 5-storyed etc. It may be for residential, commercial, industrial   serving as a protection house for a living being or goods too.

In recent period, the nation is suffering   because of widespread pandemic “ Coronavirus ” or “ Covid-19 ”. The gross development as well as real estate business is economically down. As without essential goods production we people will suffer from crisis, in somewhat it’s quite necessary to look after the real estate development because it’s the second largest employment sector in nation. Though its already in loss as the sales were down by 30-40% during the first 3 weeks of March 2020 eventually decreasing the cash flow cycle. To improvise the situation & for the benefits of builders / architects, it’s better to present their immeasurable thoughts in a measurable structure.

Now the statement, “ How it’s possible in this lockdown ?” may desire for a solution. For that the recommendation is:-

solemnly, we all know “Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day”. Relevantly,” Every negative situation will have something positive at last”. The matter rely that it’s  one of the best time to utilize in implying an envision about using some familiar elements like floor plan,  structural design, estimation,  planning, execution &  marketing strategy which are the key-tools for making up a dwelling place .

As discussed above, one of the biggest problems is the decrease in cash flow cycle as there is no onsite collaboration between developers & buyers. Even its very inaccessible to get the workers too, but it may not too hard to make a brand build up projects & seek the attention of the buyers. Its witty to promote the walk-through videos or 3D render images now. As the cohort of visitors is bound with a lumpsum time to think about the proposals rather ignoring as during busy schedules. Its only possible with the help of designing of architectural buildings collaborating with audio visual technological companies. It will enable visual visits sharing those through WhatsApp / Email Marketing to the audience.

interior walkthrough

Deliberately, I have gone through some videos which look much more realistic. The best part of this 3D modelling videos seems that it eventually a great investment in future for upcoming business.

My observations considering the benefits are:-

1.This enable a builder to enhance operational efficiencies due to lesser clashes in construction.

2. clients can take a virtual tour of the 3-dimensional structure before its actual constructions.

3. accuracy in measurements.

4.  cost saving and identifies the error during the initial process of designs

5. powerful marketing strategy helping in brand build ups.

6. Last but not the least, helps to get government approval easily by providing less chance of uncertainty elements in construction.

A great challenge faced by builders is keeping all stakeholders on the same page by creating a mental picture of what kind of structure is to be created. But by promoting the 3D walk-through videos / 3D render images its possible. I believe the time is appropriate for the architect to have a look on these  realistic visualizations & boost up their thoughts and emphasis it on the interested customers .

Please be save and be positive in this Covid-19 lockdown.

Thanks for reading my Blog.

Deblin Bhowmik Saha (Author)

  • Lockdown Can Never Fasten An Architect's Artistry


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