BIM Modeling: What is it & how is it Useful for Roads & Construction?

BIM Modeling: What is it & how is it Useful for Roads & Construction?

An intelligent and cutting-edge 3D model-based process that is giving engineering, architecture and construction professionals the tools and insights required to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage infrastructure and buildings is known as Building Information Modeling or BIM modeling. This advanced technology has greatly helped to improve performance and decision-making across the infrastructure and building lifecycle.

In the recent years, BIM has proliferated into the roads and construction industry. But, its widespread adoption is still pending owing to entrenched practices and an older generation not receptive towards learning new skills. However, industry stalwarts are of the opinion that transportation is one of the largest beneficiaries of this managed modeling approach.

BIM modeling streamlines construction process and eliminates error

With the help of 3D BIM models, transport companies are able to replace all the deficient infrastructure, especially when constructing bridges. Moreover, the construction process is streamlined and fortified with the use of innovative BIM tools. These tools are capable of detailing the construction costs while also reducing the possibility of any error. Ultimately, BIM helps to provide taxpayers with complete value for their money.

Implementing BIM helps in better decision-making

Each stage of a road construction project is supported by intelligent data with the help of BIM. It helps to create opportunities for proper decision-making on drainage, geometrics, quantity takeoff, lane configurations, cut/fill, analysis & simulation, site grading and construction documentation. Furthermore, it has been noted that BIM modeling boosts collaboration through better communication anytime and anywhere.

Owing to the numerous benefits of BIM, a lot of construction and engineering & infrastructure firms are increasingly mandating adoption of a BIM approach. Companies that have embraced this avant-garde technology have visibly been able to deliver better results at a much lower cost. The BIM process can be utilized during the design, as well as, architecture process to create a much clearer picture regarding the end-result.

If you are a part of the construction industry and looking to enhance your design and construction efficiency, get in touch with building information modeling companies. Collaborate with the experts to take your company to the next level. Also, be able to stand out from your competitors.

Summary: BIM modeling is increasingly being integrated with roads & construction process. The BIM approach helps in better understanding of design, elimination of errors and fantastic utilization of resources and skills. Roads, highways and bridges are built exactly as expected.

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