Animated Explainer Video – 5 Things you Should Know Before Hiring a Video Creation Company

Animated Explainer Video – 5 Things you Should Know Before Hiring a Video Creation Company

The struggle for allocating budgets is real and especially for the startups. Believe it or not, improper budget spending can actually spell doom for an up-and-coming company. That was the case a few years ago when young companies started splurging on advertising & marketing tactics and brand awareness campaigns. This was the same time when companies began to make use of animated videos to introduce their brand and products or services to the world.

These animation videos came to be known later as explainer videos because they were explanatory. Animated explainer videos satisfies 2 of the most important needs of every startup (and established businesses) – brand awareness & recognition and customer onboarding.

So, if you are planning to include animated explainer videos in your marketing mix, you need to keep in mind the following before approaching a video production company.

# The type of explainer video that you want

Knowing what you want at the very outset helps to streamline the search and video making process. Do a little bit of research regarding the kind of videos your competitors are using and then decided whether you want 2D/3D animation videos.

# Concept of the video

Nobody knows your business or offerings better than you. You will find video production companies willing to handle the entire project on their own, from conceptualization to the design and execution, but even those companies will require major inputs from you. So, it is recommended that before approaching a video production company, you have a clear idea regarding what you are looking to achieve from the explainer video and how it should look so that it best represents you, your brand and offerings.

# Prepare yourself to answer a lot of questions about your company

Any good video production company will ask you a multitude of question before coming up with the perfect script. Be prepared to articulately answer questions, such as what is your company about, who are your competitors, who are your target audience, what are your business goals and so on.

In addition to the aforementioned, you must also be prepared to invest a lot of time because an attractive and intriguing explainer video takes up to 150 hours to complete.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail video production services in Mumbai and be on your way to create a haunting brand presence on the market!

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