5 Effective Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in Mumbai

5 Effective Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in Mumbai

If you’re a small business marketer, you might think of miscellaneous ways to promote your business.Content is still your best bet in this regard but nowadays many smaller enterprises tend to gain a competitive edge over its counterparts by concentrating on creating compelling videos for the target audience. According to a study, by 2019, video traffic will increase to about 80 percent of all internet traffic and demand for high-quality video is rising. Marketing videos for small business owners are absolutely feasible and there is a nice sport in the market to get noticed. There are lots of channels to market and promote your videos on social media giants like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Focused videos punched with effective content are meant to bolster the number of visitors visiting your website on a daily basis. If you have organized business goals and objectives that would help you to increase brand awareness, enhance business growth and build strong relationships with customers, then you have to consider these few ideas for creating video content.

1. Demo and Tutorial Videos

Small business enterprises can start with videos that would enable your customers to get a better insight of the type of services your business is offering.Live webinars can engage your target customers and bolster the reach of your brand. If you’re a product manufacturer, shooting demo videos on the application of your products will increase the chances of customer engagement. This kind of content paves the way for the customers to obtain a better understanding of your products or services and what are the advantages of using them. Unboxing videos of mobile phones, laptops, electronic appliances are trending heavily on various video sharing platforms.Through these videos, you are addressing the frequently asked questions and queries of your existing customers. It draws the attention of your prospective customers and equalizes the process of strengthening association with them. Live tutorials on products and services can ameliorate customer service and build credibility of your brand

2. Social Videos

If you have a mind-set of viral promotion for your brand, generate leads and inflate sales of your business, then you must emphasize on creating social videos for your business. These videos must contain trimmed but pertinent content related to your product or service. Since these videos face stiff competition from its counterparts, your content must drive interest for your viewers to visit your website and execute a call to action profitable for your business such as form signups, order now, subscribe now and many more.

3. About Us Videos

Nowadays customers are interested in building a personal relationship with the business and its top brass. Introducing yourself as the owner to each and every consumer of yours will be a tough task. Hence it is always recommended to create a video on the ‘About Us’ page of your website that would allow your website visitors to learn more about your business, its offered services and products and most importantly the top brass of your organisation. Since it requires enough resources to create personalized videos for each and every page, a video of relatively short duration involving you and your employees talking about the company will definitely improvise brand awareness of your product among your targeted customers.

4. Story-telling Videos

Videos are the appropriate format for a brilliant storytelling strategy. Pitch the story about how you founded the company, the hardships you have faced while creating it, the offered products or services and most importantly how are you leveraging your services in comparison to your competitors. Try to cite examples of your customers as to how they are benefitted by availing your services. Record interviews with your pre-existing consumers and publish them on social media accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter.Try to disseminate your videos to your friends and followers and request them to share with their network. Once you start getting views on your videos, you start calibrating it to achieve more views from other sources.

5. Live Broadcast and Community Videos

Videos related to a product launch or community gathering of your company can engage more and more users. Start shooting live coverage of trade shows and conferences organised by your organisation. This will allow your viewers to learn more about your products and services.

If you feel inspired now and your business is based out of Mumbai, you can start consulting with various video production companies. You can start contacting various agencies who are going to help you create cogent videos for your business. These videos will create a positive impact on improving your brand recognition and embellishing customer service. Smaller companies must work in accordance with the professional video makers in Mumbai to create compelling content that will support their business goals and gives them a competitive edge over their adversaries. So, stop wasting your time and start contacting professional video production agencies in Mumbai to re-package your marketing strategy.

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